Attack筑波2023、一般観戦・見学者向けの入場等のご案内(Information for general spectators)

Attack Tsukuba 2023の一般観戦や見学者向けの入場などに関するご案内となります。


This is information about Attack Tsukuba 2023 general spectators and admission for spectators.

On the day of the event, Gate D, which is used for normal admission, will be closed all day, and general visitors will enter from Gate A after 8:00. For details on how to enter, please see the document below.

这是关于 Attack Tsukuba 2023 一般观众和观众入场的信息。

活动当天,用于正常入场的D门全天关闭,一般观众8:00后从A门进入。 有关如何输入的详细信息,请参阅下面的文档。

一般向け入場ご案内(Information for general spectators)

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Attack Tsukuba 2023


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